TANGERIX is an innovative and specialized technology platform to provide a competitive and transparent private negotiation area for treasurers. It allows firms and financial Institutions to generate, from their transactions, negotiations that truly reflect all available market opportunities.


Fax, phone and email are inefficient,
slow and expensive

All three methods add a big factor of uncertainty to the opportunity. High quality information, reliable opportunities and fast interaction are three key factors to achieve more. Today's internet technology allows us to cover all three key factors at once.


Losing what you could win is today's way of trading

  • By using speculation.
  • By using unreliable information.

Shouldn't it be the other way around?



It is about knowing what you can have as opposed to imagining what you could have. Tangerix provides you with all the information you need to seal the deal. No doubts, no second guessing.


Every second counts. You might not think speed is crucial, but just remember for a moment how many times you have gone back with a new rate proposal and the opportunity was gone. Not having fast information access, results in the best opportunities being wasted. Phone, fax and even email are too slow for investment negotiation purposes.


How much would you pay to have the perfect information to trade a deal? Quality of information is all about closing gaps, providing a more rewarding negotiation and trading experience, while still boosting your profit, resulting in a better turnaround.

In TANGERIX each negotiation has a it's own guidelines. Imagine that each negotiation is a written cheque. Only one or a small number of bidders (depending on auction type) will receive/share this cheque at the end. Competition motivates the best offer to be placed in order to win the negotiation.

Participants have more choices, tools, information
and power to increase their chances

Operational Risk

It is common to find operational risk in treasury investments negotiation activities.

Operator discretion adds high operational risk to each transaction when using traditional tools like phone, fax or even email.

By using appropriate methodologies, processes and tools, operational risk can be turned into economic value for all business participants.

Opportunity Cost

Treasury managers experience high opportunity costs that are hard to measure and track.

Not having control of what it takes to increase the rate of successfully closed negotiations is a big disadvantage. This is problem is hard to fix unless we change how we handle deals. Listing deals without knowing what it takes to make them successful makes this situation even worse.

Another kind of loss are the opportunities you don't even reach. Two main factors for this are that it is difficult and costly to reach all opportunities or because you simply were not considered for the negotiation.

By using technology that makes complex processes and communication easy, you can learn what you need to close the deal. Tangerix provides you with information on why you lost and what you need to adjust in your strategy. Now you can seize every opportunity, because now it is easy.

And here is what we offer ...

High quality information, reliable opportunities and fast interactions to manage investment negotiations among treasury departments letting each participant achieve more. This can only be achieved using today's Internet technology and bullet-proof business models.